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Additional Resources

While Hankook Mortuary provides a comprehensive list of services in-house, we have also partnered with several vendors across the Los Angeles and Orange counties to connect you to the funeral services, memorials, or arrangements that best suit the needs and wishes of you and your loved ones. The following list is not all inclusive, but provides an overview of some services offered through our wonderful community partners:

Flower Arrangements

With a wide array of floral shops available at both locations, Hankook Mortuary puts you in touch with floral designers that can arrange floral tributes customized to your funeral service needs.

Cemetery Property Arrangements 

While Hankook Mortuary does not own property for cremation or burial we can connect you with beautiful spaces that best commemorate your loved one. 

Post Funeral Reception

If you choose to have a reception after your funeral, Hankook Mortuary can provide you with a variety of options including local restaurants or catering for your post funeral reception needs.